Wet Insulation Cannot be Saved, Walls that Come Out will Need Replaced

Published: 04th July 2009
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Have you recently had flooding in your home? Have you recently found black mold on your walls? Do you know what is happening behind the drywall? Are you hoping that some of the wet walls can be saved?

You need to have your home inspected for water damage by a water damage and mold specialist, and you will find that wet insulation will need to be replaced to completely remove the mold and dampness. Damaged walls will need to be replaced, and nothing in the walls can be saved after being damaged from water.

After the drywall and insulation are removed, the studs and wall boards will need to be assessed. Your mold and water damage specialist will tell you if entire walls will need to be replaced, or if the studs and structural work just needs to dry out. When the structural work is dried, new insulation is replaced, and then new drywall installed.

When a consumer is looking for a reputable water damage assessment company, look for a company that will do an estimation of the water damage, and one that understands the importance of removing all of the damaged wall so that the black mold and other water damage doesn't return.

Water that can flood your home comes in three main categories: clean water, grey water, and black water. Clean water can come from rain, water pipe damage, or overflowing sinks. Grey water has some minor contaminations, such as dishwashers or washing machines overflowing, or sump pump failures. Black water has a high level of contamination, such as sewage, flood water from rivers, rising seawater, or an overflowing toilet.

Even if your home has had just two to three inches of flooding from clean water, the drywall and insulation will wick the water up, and you will have to replace far more than three inches of wall. Often, four feet of wall will need to be removed, with wet and damaged drywall and insulation removed and replaced. All wet or moldy insulation, drywall, or structural wood needs to be removed and replaced - none of it can be saved.

Water damage from grey and black water might need an even more intensive removal process, so a professional mold and water damage company can determine what parts of the wall can be saved, and what parts need to be removed and replaced.

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