Puff back damage clean up and restoration

Published: 15th May 2009
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Puff back damage happens and it can happen to you in your home. You may not have heard of puff back before but it is real and it can happen to you. When puff back does occur it causes damage throughout every corner of your home and is a situation that requires immediate attention by damage restoration professionals. You will want to bring them in within 48 hours to prevent further damage.

Simply stated puff back is brought on by a faulty oil burner in your heating system. The oil burner does not ignite properly and gas builds up in the ignition chamber. When the burner finally does ignite there is a small explosion inside the chamber. This small explosion puffs back a black sticky dirt layer all over your home. This soot and dirt comes from the fumes that contributed to the explosion and from debris and dust that live in your homes duct system. The force of the explosion blows all the dust into your home and the oil fumes that caused the explosion causes all this dust to stick to everything.

This layer covers everything: walls, carpets, drapes, clothing and furniture. When puff back happens, and it does happen, the best thing to do is contact a puff back damage cleaning and restoration service to come to your home. A puff back damage cleaning and restoration service and make the inside of your home appear as if puff back never happened. Additionally, you will need to have your furnace fixed so that puff back does not happen again.

A company that does smoke damage restoration can assist you in restoring your home back to its original state of being. In addition to the sticky dirt layer there will likely be a lingering odor caused by the puff back as well. Smoke damage restoration companies have a process called "thermo fogging" that will eliminate this odor. It is the same process used in home fires.

Puff back can happen all at once or it can happen as a gradual process. The gradual process is harder to detect because it happens over time. You will notice a steady build up of the soot on your carpets and in your home. The best thing to do is prevent puff back by having your furnace on a regular maintenance schedule.

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