Baseboard Removal and Wall Ventilation When Drying

Published: 04th July 2009
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Your home has been flooded and the damage is visible everywhere. You have water soaked furniture and carpets, and water creeping its way up your draperies. All these flood damaged, water soaked items need to be removed from your home immediately, including your carpets. The longer the water sits on the floor the deeper the damage goes and the greater the restoration cost. When flood water destroys your sub-flooring your home will need some costly deconstruction before it can be reconstructed back into its original pre-flood appearance.

When your home has been flooded remember there is the water you can see and there is also always water you can't. The water you cannot see is in your walls and can cause big problems for your home. Flood water seeps into the seam between the drywall and the floor. The drywall initially soaks up some of it and the rest of the water pools at the bottom allowing the drywall to drink up as much as it wants over time. If this moisture is left to fester it can very quickly become a mold infestation. Depending on the weather conditions in your area, mold will begin to grow within one to three days. Not only are mold remediation processes expensive but a documented mold infestation can bring down the resale value of your home.

If you truly want all of the moisture out of your home and avoid mold you are going to have to consider baseboard removal and wall ventilation when drying out your home. It is one of the essential steps to drying your home out completely. Removing your baseboards will not only help to save your home, it will make the carpet removal process easier. If you are trying to save your baseboards for reuse, be careful while removing them. Some baseboards can be dried out and placed back into the home.

Baseboard removal is the only way you will have enough wall ventilation to get the moisture out of the hidden crevices of your home. You may want to call in a professional to provide desiccant moisture removal or rent a machine to do it yourself before baseboards are replaced.

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